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Rainbow Riches, probably , the most popular slot machine in the UK today , is now online. Look anywhere anywhere online and you will find countless articles and blogs about this iconic game. The reason is clear , the enchanting theme together with it's fantastic bonus round make it a reall winner . The games graphics and storyboard make it second to none. Walk into any land based site and you will see Rainbow riches machines in pride of place . Ther are many advantages to playing online , not only do you get a better percentage return but you can match the gameplay to suit your budget . At land based sites the minimum play normally starts at £1.00 a spin whereas online you can play the game with as little as 1p.
Here, in one place ,  are some of the most popular articles written about the game all of which can be used to not only make your gameplay morer enjoyable but give you a real insight into why so many players love the Jolly leprechaun .
Jan 18, 2011 - There are two ways to play Rainbow Riches, and they are either offline - that is, at a land-based operator, or online - in the comfort of your living room. There are two immediate differences apart from the comforts - one, you havenít got anyone looking over your shoulder at home, waiting to pounce as soon as you leave the game, and secondly, the payout rate, which, at home is far higher than arcades and the like. Read More ->
Dec 09, 2010 - Back in the 70s, when the only video games you could find at the time were Atari and similar, it was difficult to envisage just how good game graphics would become Yes, it was true that the seventies saw the unveiling of Space Invaders and Pacman, but at home, the video consoles did not even come close. .. Read More ->
Nov 04, 2010 - The mere fact you are reading this article suggests that you are familiar with what happens to be the game of the decade - the peerless Rainbow Riches. And secondly, you want to know where to play it for free! . Read More ->
May 31,2010 - Is Rainbow Riches the most popular slot machine of the Decade?Well Iím not sure about that but Rainbow Riches is arguably one of the most popular slot machines in the UK today. Read More ->
Feb 09,2011 - Rainbow Riches from Barcrest has easily took over as the number one slot game in 2010.You only have to walk into any casino and see the vast array of Rainbow Riches games on offer. It's everywhere and some clubs have even gone as far as to have several machines in the foyer. Read More ->
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