Featuring an enchanting Irish backdrop, the game is full of charm and beautifully rendered graphics along with some great Bonus rounds . This all provides for a rich adventure as you seek out the legendary Rainbow Riches leprechaun. So why not give the little fellow a run for his money and follow him up the Road To Riches or even drop down his famous Wishing Wells. Lets hope you can find, and hold onto, the old man's Crock Of Gold.

But be quick! You will almost certainly have to queue up to play Rainbow Riches as its popularity firmly cements it into prime position. Since it was released in 2005, Rainbow Riches has made stupendous strides and is now the favourite game of many casino players.  Barcrest, fully aware of the game popularity, have now developed a series of more than 10 rainbow riches games and the popularity of Rainbow Riches has spread from casinos to arcade halls and clubs across the country.

The game is now available On-Line and offers a much better percentage return than the land based version making it one of the most popular slot machines in UK history.

It's the Nation's No.1 - Welcome to the World of Rainbow Riches

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You can find Rainbow Riches and play at many on-line casinos.

However. if you want to venture out and look for the leprechaun one of the best places to find him on land is at  land based Casinos and of course mecca bingo clubs . In fact the The leprechaun is so popular at Mecca up and down the country . As soon as you walk into any Mecca club you will  soon hear the enevitable "Here we Go" .  To find a Mecca Club near you just click on the "View Larger map " link  and away you go ....
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About Rainbow Riches
Rainbow Riches History
First unleashed to the online gaming public in 2005, the brand has gone from strength to strength and has a ubiquitous presence up and down the land, in pubs, clubs, casinos and now online! The original Rainbow Riches, with the Pots of Gold, Wishing Wells and Pathway to Riches features is still the No.1. performing slot machine on-line, with plenty of derivitives released and in the pipeline, we can look forward to plenty more leprechaun related entertainment yet!

Steeped in the legend of the Leprechaun, a mystical creature who has been in Ireland for over a thousand years stretching as far back as the 8th century, the Rainbow Riches slot game is a little younger and it's history is much easier to trace.

Originally devised as a land-based cabinet slots game back in the early 1990s, Rainbow Riches first appeared in land-based casinos in 2006 . An online version of the game was then released by it's owners, Barcrest, on the 29/05/2009 and is now one of the top slot games in the UK. The first online version featured the exciting bonus rounds including the ‘Pots of Gold™ bonus, a ‘Wishing Well' Pick Me feature and the legendary ‘Road to Riches’ bonus trail. S

traight away this enchanting game hit the top spot in arcades, bookies, bingo halls, such as Mecca and casinos. Yes, walk into any gaming establishment and you will soon hear the immortal words "Off We Go" and the Cute Irish Jingle of the Leprechauns Jig.

The next big release of rainbow Riches on the 05/10/2009 was the famous Win Big Shindig.

Rainbow Riches pots of Gold was then released on the 29/05/2010 and has been a rip roaring success.

Rainbow Riches Wild Clover went out on the 10/06/2009, followed the next year on the 18/10/2010 by Rainbow Riches Luck Of The Irish.

The Mobile version of Rainbow Riches ( Pots Of Gold ) was released on the 04/06/2009.

The Rainbow Riches iPhone game is exactly the same as the Pots of Gold mobile game, but adapted for the iPhone's touch screen.

So successful is Rainbow Riches that it can now be found everywhere from land-based establishments to most if not all Online Casinos.

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Slot machines come and go, but whilst some slots turn out to be nothing more than passing fancies, others stand the test of the time and become classics. Rainbow Riches is one of those slots that has joined the classic, or, as IGT (the maker of this iconic game) calls it - a ‘killer’ slot.

So, what is the criteria, the ‘tick boxes’ if you will, that Rainbow Riches marks off every time? First and foremost is the look of the game. The theme is perfect - the craggiest, one of the most attractive part of the world, Ireland. Add a mythical,  cheeky and well-intentioned leprechaun figure who really wants you to win, and the premise is set. Add to the mix colourful rainbows and a treat for the eyes is assured.

Then, the game-play comes into focus. The most important part of any game for a gamer is that it pays out - preferably more than is wagered! However, players realise this is most unlikely however the impression that the game is generous makes up for the harsh reality.

This is where Rainbow Riches really makes its mark. For there are an three unprecedented main features, which along with the main reels, give an extraordinary four ways to hit the big jackpot.

There is also the added excitement of knowing that when the reels spin you can still win a Rainbow Riches jackpot regardless of what appears on reels 1 and 2, because if you get 3 leprechauns on reels 3, 4 and 5 a big jackpot can still be won.

This attention to detail ensures that every play of Rainbow Riches genuinely holds your attention until Reel 3 has landed because anything can (and does) happen.

Rainbow Riches Gamble Awareness
With New Rainbow Riches games being released every year, there's plenty of competition for the No.1 spot!
5. Wild Clover
4. Murphy's Millions
3. On the Fiddle
2 . WinBig Shindig
1. Pots of Gold
Rainbow Riches Games
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Welcome to our site where we pay homage to one of the most iconic UK fruit slot machine of all time - Rainbow Riches!

Here we look at how the game has come to such prominence and look into why the gameplay has become so compelling, almost ten years on from its inception back in 2009.

We hope you enjoy looking around the site!

As Rainbow Riches approaches its 10th birthday, we take an affectionate look at how the brand has built up since 2009

It’s really interesting looking at how Rainbow Riches has evolved since its inception back in 2009. What started as a £500 slot has morphed in many different directions with variants of the slot machine abound and even lending its name to the penny pushers you see in seafront arcades.

Of course, the central premise from a slot machine point of view remains. The Road to Riches game, with its spinning wheel, is still integral. The Wishing Well game, where one of three values is offered, is still there. And the best feature of all, the Pots of Gold bonus, where a Gold, Silver or Bronze pot could be yours if you’re lucky!

New feature games continue to be added, including an Olympic theme where our eponymous leprechaun hero completed in a number of track and field events, including a rather humorous 110 hurdle sprint!

The brand continues to go from strength to strength, where, ten years later, new variants on the theme continue to be released. Our  leprechaun isn’t going anywhere just yet